Missions for Crazycademy

amass one billion dollars
become (in)famous
breathe under water
bring about world peace
challenge the establishment
clean your room
create a secret lair
create perpetual motion
cure the common cold
destroy the moon
develop the un-common cold
discover New Species
discover your enemies’ evil plans
empty your mind of knowledge
eradicate all of the insects
escape with your sweetie
extinguish the sun
find a bearable roommate
find a willing sacrifice before the next full moon
find Atlantis
find on-campus parking
find something to eat
fix everyone’s annoying habits
fly to the moon
get a date
get your lab partners to do their fair share
go from 0 to 60 in under 6 seconds
have a night you’ll never forget
have a night you’ll never remember
help aliens
hide from your parents
infiltrate a secret society
invent a new form of transportation
journey to the center of the earth
learn to dance
loot ancient ruins
map a black hole
measure time
predict the future
prevent Global Warming
provoke a world war
pull an all-nighter
raise the dead
resurrect Dinosaurs
see in the dark
send secret messages across the ocean
solve the energy crisis
split the atom
take over the world
throw the perfect party
trick people out of their money
trigger devastating world-wide floods
win the election
write a 50-page report
write your name on the moon

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