Polish your English with “The Master and Margarita”! Issue 22.

(ill. Павел Шугуров, Москва, ул. Арбат 40, арка районной Управы)

“На маленькой головке жокейский картузик, клетчатый кургузый воздушный же пиджачок…”

A small head with a jockey cap, a skimpy little checked jacket that was made out of air…

A jockey’s cap on a tiny head, a checked jacket, much too short for him and also woven of air…

A tiny jockey cap on his tiny head, a short, checkered, equally ethereal jacket on his shoulders…

A peaked jockey’s cap on his little head, a short checkered jacket also made of air…

On his little head a jockey’s peaked cap, a little checked jacket, tight, and airy too…

On his small head was a jockey-cap and he wore a short check bum-freezer made of air.

[GT 2017-06-28]
On a small head a jockey cap, checkered curly-haired airy jacket …

Big Boris’ Commentary:

1. Observe that only [BrG] used Copular Verb in the description. While the others skipped on this “very must for purists”.
2. Observe the inversed word order in [BrG]. Try to explain that.

Don’t hesitate to comment and propose your variants of translation!

Legend (“Am” = American English, “Br” = British English):

[AmB] — Burgin, O’Connor 1995
[AmG] — Ginsburg 1967
[AmI] — Itallie 1993 (Theatrical Adaptation)
[AmK] — Karpelson 2006
[AmP] — Pevear, Volokhonsky 1997
[BrA] — Aplin 2008
[BrG] — Glenny 1967
[GT] — Google Translate

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