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“Эту поэму Иван Николаевич сочинил, и в очень короткий срок, но, к сожалению, ею редактора нисколько не удовлетворил.”

Ivan Nikolayevich had composed the poem, and in a very short period of time at that, but unfortunately it had not met with the editor’s approval.

Ivan Nikolayevich composed the poem, and quickly, too. Unfortunately, the editor was not at all pleased with it.

Ivan Nikolayevich managed to compose the poem in record time, but, unfortunately, it completely failed to please the editor.

Ivan Nikolaevich had written this poem, and in a very short time, but unfortunately the editor was not at all satisfied with it.

Ivan Nikolayevich had written this poem, in a very short time too, but unfortunately had not satisfied the editor with it at all.

Ivan Nikolayich had written this poem in record time, but unfortunately the editor did not care for it at all.

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Ivan Nikolayevich composed this poem, and in a very short time, but, unfortunately, did not at all satisfy the editor.

Big Boris’ Commentary:

1. Observe the distribution of Past Simple and Past Perfect with “сочинил” and “удовлетворил”. Try to explain this (you might need to read further in the paragraph).

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Legend (“Am” = American English, “Br” = British English):

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[AmI] — Itallie 1993 (Theatrical Adaptation)
[AmK] — Karpelson 2006
[AmP] — Pevear, Volokhonsky 1997
[BrA] — Aplin 2008
[BrG] — Glenny 1967
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