Polish your English with “The Master and Margarita”! Issue 48

“Приходится признать, что ни одна из этих сводок никуда не годится.”

We should add that all of the reports were worthless.

We must discard all these reports as quite worthless.

One must admit that not a single one of these descriptions is even marginally useful.

It must be acknowledged that none of these reports is of any value.

It has to be acknowledged that not one of those reports is of any use at all.

[GT 2017-09]
We have to admit that none of these reports is anywhere good.

Big Boris’ Commentary:

1. Observe the difference in the translation of “годится”. Try to explain this.

Don’t hesitate to comment and propose your variants of translation!

Legend (“Am” = American English, “Br” = British English):

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[GT] — Google Translate

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