Polish your English with “The Master and Margarita”! Issue 55

“«Немец…» — подумал Берлиоз.
«Англичанин… — подумал Бездомный. — Ишь, и не жарко ему в перчатках».”

“A German,” thought Berlioz.
“An Englishman,” thought Bezdomny, “I bet he’s hot with those gloves on.”

“A German,” thought Berlioz. “An Englishman,” thought Homeless. “Doesn’t he feel too warm in gloves?”

‘A German,’ thought Berlioz.
‘Englishman,’ thought Homeless. ‘Must be hot in those gloves, eh?’

‘A German…’ thought Berlioz. ‘An Englishman…’ thought Homeless. ‘My, he must be hot in those gloves.’

“German…” thought Berlioz.
“English…” thought Bezdomny.
“And look at that, he’s not too hot to be wearing gloves.”

‘A German,’ thought Berlioz. ‘ An Englishman….’ thought Bezdomny. ‘Phew, he must be hot in those gloves!’

[GT 2017-09]
«A German …» thought Berlioz.
«The Englishman …» Homeless thought. «Look, and it’s not hot for him in gloves.»

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Legend (“Am” = American English, “Br” = British English):

[AmB] — Burgin, O’Connor 1995
[AmG] — Ginsburg 1967
[AmI] — Itallie 1993 (Theatrical Adaptation)
[AmK] — Karpelson 2006
[AmP] — Pevear, Volokhonsky 1997
[BrA] — Aplin 2008
[BrG] — Glenny 1967
[GT] — Google Translate

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  1. Прежде всего, фамилии никогда не переводят.
    Во-вторых, употребление артиклей is a must!
    Поэтому голосую за вариант BrG.

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