Sentences for Rolling for Parashuters – General

1. It (to stabilize and decelerate) the Apollo command module to a descent velocity suitable for water landing.

2. The Apollo parachute system (to establish) records in recovered weight, velocity, or altitude of parachute deployment.

3. The unique systems engineering approach and the extensive utilization of reliability and systems analysis combined with advanced design and testing methods (to create) an outstanding redundant man-rated system capable of safely landing the Apollo crew from pre-lift-off to completed missions.

4. A single component failure (to cause) loss of crew or mission failure.

5. A design concept (to define) all landings including normal landing after completed mission and mission abort landings as operational cases.

6. This method (to provide) a clearly defined system reliability approach.

7. This method (to permit) the establishment of logical design criteria.

8. Forward heat shield (to protect) the parachute system located outside the crew compartment in the upper part of the command module around the LEM adapter docking tunnel.

  1. Two ribbon drogue parachutes (to accomplish) initial deceleration and stabilization, with only one parachute being required and the second parachute providing the back-up mode.
  2. Pilot parachutes (in turn to extract) the three main parachutes. (Я не понимаю, почему там стоит определенный артикль)
  3. The command module (to descend) in stable attitude at the final phase of a completed mission after reentry.
  4. A qualitative system analysis at the start of the Apollo program (to define) a parachute system consisting of one drogue parachute and two main parachutes as the primary system for successful normal landing.
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