Sentences for Rolling – Special


  1. He (to be) in orbit after all.(2)
  2. I (to be) in this business.(2)
  3. The last one (to be) almost empty.(2)
  4. It (to be) my field.(2)
  5. All the spaceports (to be) where they should be – up there, on the outer ring.(2)
  6. The Sun (to be) out of view, high overhead.(2)
  7. Cutting across that band at an angle (to be) another, much fainter one.(2)
  8. That (to be) Lucifer.(2)
  9. That (to be) the planet Jupiter.(2)
  10. A model (to be) obsolete.(2)
  11. Most television sets (to be) too stupid to understand spoken commands.(2)
  12. Those (to be) the best news channel.(2)
  13. You (to be) quite ready.(2)
  14. His eccentric old Uncle George (to be) the proud possessor of a collection of vintage videotapes.(2)
  15. Contemporary business or politics (to be) utterly irrelevant.(2)
  16. The thought (to be) very overwhelming – indeed, very demoralizing(2)
  17. We (to be) sure.(2)
  18. We (to be) immortal.(2)
  19. That (to be) too much of a quantum jump.(2)
  20. Any sufficiently advanced technology (to be) indistinguishable from magic.(2)
  21. He (to be) able to handle it.(2)
  22. Antimatter (to be) identical to physical matter.(3)
  23. Antimatter (to be) the most powerful energy source known to man.(3)
  24. A droplet (to be) able to power New York City for a full day.(3)
  25. Antimatter (to be) highly unstable.(3)
  26. Her smile (to be) magic.(3)
  27. My name (to be) Maximilian Kohler.(3)
  28. I (to be) a discrete particle physicist.(3)
  29. Langdon (to be) barely able to focus.(3)
  30. You (to be) a professor of religious iconology at Harvard University.(3)
  31. It (to be) five o’clock in the morning.(3)
  32. The image (to be) distorted and pale.(3)
  33. His campus nickname – “The Dolphin”– (to be) a reference both to his affable nature and his legendary ability to dive into a pool and outmaneuver the entire opposing squad in a water polo match.(3)
  34. Two thousand years of waiting for their Messiah, and they (to be) still persistent as hell.(3)
  35. The image on the page (to be) that of a human corpse.(3)
  36. I (to be) certain of it.(3)
  37. Langdon (to be) skeptical.(3)
  38. I (to be) able to see you.(3)
  39. My lab (to be) only an hour’s flight from Boston.(3)
  40. The implications (to be) frightening.(3)
  41. His words (to be) as hard as the rock walls.(3)
  42. You (to be) successful.(3)
  43. Serving the brotherhood (to be) an honor.(3)
  44. The man’s voice (to be) friendly.(3)
  45. That (to be) me.(3)
  46. Flying (to be) a problem for you.(3)
  47. Branded corpses (to be) a problem for me.(3)
  48. I (to be) able to handle flying.(3)
  49. The craft before them (to be) enormous.(3)
  50. It (to be) vaguely reminiscent of the space shuttle.(3)
  51. Langdon’s first impression (to be) that he must be dreaming.(3)
  52. The wings (to be) practically nonexistent – just two stubby fins on the rear of the fuselage.(3)
  53. The rest of the plane (to be) hull – about 200 feet from front to back–no windows, nothing but hull.(3)
  54. The shell (to be) a titanium matrix with silicon carbide fibers.(3)
  55. The director (to be) in one helluva a hurry to see you.(3)
  56. Our lab (to be) one of the first to own this.(3)
  57. This one (to be) a prototype of the Boeing X‑33.(3)
  58. The future (to be) here.(3)
  59. It (to be) just taking some time to get to the public sector.(3)
  60. Langdon’s aversion to closed spaces (to be) debilitating.(3)
  61. Even though economical faculty housing (to be) readily available.(3)
  62. The lab (to be) in Geneva.(3)
  63. The lab (to be) only an hour away.(3)
  64. I (to be) aware of this.(3)
  65. He (to be) a powerful man.(3)
  66. Your skills (to be) for hire.(3)
  67. This (to be) your idea of a joke.(3)
  68. The brotherhood (to be) legendary.(3)
  69. I (to be) genuine.(3)
  70. The killer (to be) skeptical.(3)
  71. They (to be) invulnerable.(3)
  72. Our reach (to be) far.(3)
  73. No one’s reach (to be) that far.(3)
  74. It (to be) up to Janus to use his power.(3)
  75. The man (to be) obviously able to use connections on the inside.(3)
  76. It (to be) a reference to the Roman two‑faced god… or to the moon of Saturn.(3)
  77. Their drug of choice (to be) a potent intoxicant hashish.(3)
  78. I (to be) remiss.(5)
  79. The Vatican prelature known as Opus Dei (to be) a deeply devout Catholic sect.(5)
  80. It (to be) the topic of controversy(5)
  81. It (to be) part of the protocol.(5)
  82. Jacques Saunière (to be) the only remaining link, the sole guardian of one of the most powerful secrets ever kept.(5)
  83. It (to be) urgent.(5)
  84. I (to be) very tired.(5)
  85. Your guest (to be) an important man.(5)
  86. The man staring back at him (to be) a stranger – tousled and weary.(5)
  87. Your guest (to be) now en route to your room.(5)
  88. Langdon (to be) wide awake now.(5)
  89. The man (to be) exceptionally lean.(5)
  90. The Judicial Police (to be) the rough equivalent of the U.S. FBI.(5)
  91. Everything (to be) wrong.(5)
  92. The image (to be) gruesome and profoundly strange.(5)
  93. This photo (to be) entirely different.(5)
  94. The room (to be) Spartan.(5)
  95. He (to be) a visitor here.(5)
  96. Its protection (to be) the reason for the brotherhood’s very existence.(5)
  97. We (to be) only one step away.(5)
  98. The keystone (to be) here in Paris.(5)
  99. It (to be) almost too easy.(5)
  100. The stakes (to be) incalculable.(5)
  101. The church (to be) a fortress.(5)
  102. The committed sins (to be) holy in purpose.(5)
  103. That day (to be) ordinary day.(5)
  104. His books on the secret codes hidden in the paintings of Poussin and Teniers (to be) some of Langdon’s favorite classroom texts.(5)
  105. The seemingly innocuous request of all European hotels to see a passport at check in (to be) more than a quaint formality.(5)
  106. It (to be) the law.(5)
  107. She (to be) lovely.(5)
  108. She (to be) the symbol of France.(5)
  109. She (to be) perfect.(5)
  110. The traffic light (to be) red.(5)
  111. I (to be) fully able to express my gratitude to the exceptional team at Doubleday.(5)
  112. This park (to be) an enormous, polluted excavation pit.(5)
  113. Tuileries (to be) actually a literal reference to something far less romantic.(5)
  114. It (to be) straight ahead.(5)
  115. The Louvre (to be) the longest building in Europe.(5)
  116. It (to be) a loaded question.(5)
  117. Expressing dislike (to be) an insult to the French.(5)
  118. Mitterrand (to be) a bold man.(5)
  119. Your French (to be) good.(5)
  120. My zodiac iconography (to be) pretty good.(5)
  121. Taurus (to be) the bull.(5)
  122. Astrology (to be) a symbolic constant all over the world.(5)
  123. It (to be) probably a lousy idea.(5)
  124. The man (to be) stocky and dark, almost Neanderthal.(5)
  125. Fache’s presence (to be) anything but welcoming.(5)
  126. Your pyramid (to be) magnificent.(5)
  127. Bizarre request (to be) a hot topic among conspiracy buffs.(5)
  128. 666 (to be) the number of Satan.(5)
  129. The subterranean hall (to be) usually vibrant with sunlight and tourists.(5)
  130. The lobby (to be) barren and dark.(5)
  131. The Denon Wing (to be) the most famous of the Louvre’s three main sections.(5)
  132. He (to be) curious.(5)
  133. Langdon (to be) grateful simply for the opportunity to meet him.(5)
  134. It (to be) helpful.(5)
  135. I (to be) an admirer of Mr. Saunière’s work.(5)
  136. The two men (to be) now halfway up the Denon Wing’s entry tunnel.(5)
  137. The Inn of the Last Home (to be) not fancy.(5)
  138. It (to be) comfortable.(5)
  139. The Inn of the Last Home (to be) open for business.(5)
  140. The tables (to be) clean.(5)
  141. It (to be) thirsty work.(5)
  142. He (to be) in here every night.(5)
  143. I (to be) able to find some way.(5)
  144. It (to be) just talk.(5)
  145. I (to be) able to pass on the secret.(5)
  146. The Inn of the Last Home (to be) the largest building in Solace.(5)
  147. The concierge (to be) able to protest.(5)
  148. This old man (to be) a Seeker spy.(5)
  149. His affinity for Egyptian culture (to be) all consuming.(5)
  150. That table (to be) there.(5)
  151. He (to be) able to take action.(5)
  152. A flaring light (to be) from the kitchen.(5)
  153. He (to be) harmless.(5)
  154. It (to be) shadowy tonight.(5)
  155. You (to be) able to help us answer that very question.(5)
  156. Five years (to be) a long time for them.(5)
  157. I (to be) in lands.(5)
  158. That (to be) the complete truth.(5)
  159. Silas (to be) able to repay his debt.(5)
  160. Tanis (to be) the one to hide from a fight.(5)
  161. Those lands (to be) friendly to anyone of any kind of blood.(5)
  162. We (to be) home.(5)
  163. All four of his victims (to be) able to buy back their godless lives by telling their secret.(5)
  164. All that (to be) behind us.(5)
  165. The night air (to be) still and calm and sweet.(5)
  166. She (to be) able to please that man.(5)
  167. The Highseekers in Haven (to be) still wise and virtuous men.(5)
  168. It (to be) all trickery and magic.(5)
  169. His light-adapted eyes (to be) able to see black emptiness beyond the curve of the great window.(5)
  170. Raistlin (to be) more than half charlatan himself.(5)
  171. The young man (to be) a better magician.(5)
  172. I (to be) able to discuss it on the phone.(5)
  173. It (to be) a hollow, whirring sound.(5)
  174. We (to be) the spirits of those poor souls.(5)
  175. Langdon (to be) able to clear his mind.(5)
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