Sentences for Rolling – “There” General


  1. There (to shine) a star for every man in this Universe.(2)
  2. There (to pass) slowly across the sky, rising up to the zenith and descending into the east, a dazzling point of light more brilliant than any star.(2)
  3. There (to come) that sound.(2)
  4. There (to come) a thud.(2)
  5. There (to lay) the first two generations of the Space Age.(2)
  6. There (to come) again with that knowledge an aching awareness of the immensity of Time.(2)
  7. There (to appear) to be little personal hostility or friction between them.(2)
  8. There (to sit) a shining red bicycle with a ribbon tied to the handlebars.(5)
  9. There (to sit) an enormous leather-bound Bible atop the main altar, propped open on a gilded book stand.(5)
  10. There (to remain) some facet of this mystery yet to reveal itself.(5)
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