Sentences for Rolling – “There” Special


  1. There (to be) visible spots of greater brilliance at irregular intervals along its length.(2)
  2. There (to be) thousands of satellites, at all sorts of altitudes, in my time.(2)
  3. There (to be) a big clean-up operation.(2)
  4. There (to be) satellites below the stationary orbit. (2)
  5. There (to be) accidents in his life.(2)
  6. There (to be) something disturbing in the collection.(2)
  7. There (to be) light comedies, sporting events, classical and pop music, and wildlife documentaries in it.(2)
  8. There (to be) approximately fifty thousand television stations broadcasting simultaneously.(2)
  9. There (to be) risk of boredom.(2)
  10. There (to be) major improvements in technology.(2)
  11. There (to be) one catch…
  12. There (to be) the hiss of broiling flesh.(3)
  13. There (to be) a password. (3)
  14. There (to be) a thundering in his ears.(3)
  15. There (to be) dozens of others.(3)
  16. There (to be) only one person on earth to whom he could pass the torch.(5)
  17. There (to be) the entrance.(5)
  18. And there (to be) these strange, hooded men in town, hanging around with the High Theocrat, asking questions. (5)
  19. There (to be) a back route out the kitchen.(5)
  20. There (to be) a sign of another living person.(5)
  21. There (to be) a faint rustle in the underbrush.(5)
  22. There (to be) gritty laughter from the trees behind the hobgoblin.(5)
  23. There (to be) many levels of involvement.(5)
  24. There (to be) harmony in the world.(5)
  25. There (to be) a God.(5)
  26. There (to be) a horrific fight one night.(5)
  27. There (to be) coincidence.(5)
  28. There (to be) far too much at stake.(5)
  29. There (to be) a piece of evidence here.(5)
  30. There (to be) plenty of time to do that.(5)
  31. There (to be) an important reason for that.(5)
  32. There (to be) trees or grass on the western end of the Denon Wing to cushion a fall.(5)
  33. There (to be) symbols hidden in places you would never imagine.(5)
  34. There (to be) something for me here.(5)
  35. There (to be) female Orthodox rabbis there(5)
  36. There (to be) someone else in the room.(5)
  37. There (to be) purple text here.(5)
  38. There (to be) enough Catholic priests to preside over their churches.(5)
  39. There (to be) something more to say.(5)
  40. There (to be) some activity on the account.(5)
  41. There (to be) far more police lights in front.(5)
  42. There (to be) a glint in Sophie’s eye.(5)
  43. There (to be) shortage of roses in architecture.(5)
  44. There (to be) only two reasons for people’s seeking the Grail.(5)
  45. There (to be) a mole within the ranks.(5)
  46. There (to be) chalice in the painting.(5)
  47. There (to be) a click on the line.(5)
  48. There (to be) one in her family named Plantard or SaintClair.(5)
  49. There (to be) something in the woman’s expression.(5)
  50. There (to be) some gray area in the prediction.(5)
  51. There (to be) other keys.(5)
  52. There (to be) more people involved.(5)
  53. There (to be) a code word on the headstone.(5)
  54. There (to be) a way for me to know that.(5)
  55. There (to be) other issues.(5)
  56. There (to be) an ominous pause on the line.(5)
  57. There (to be) a knight in London.(5)
  58. There (to be) endless graves of knights killed by Popes.(5)
  59. There (to be) some other five letter reference to the Rose’s seeded womb.(5)
  60. There (to be) far more risk in turning them away than in letting them in.(5)
  61. There (to be) somebody inside.(5)
  62. There (to be) some bodies beneath these figures.(5)
  63. There (to be) many Jaguar stretch limos in London.(5)
  64. There (to be) an odd finality in his tone.(5)
  65. There (to be) two empty rooms on the third floor.(5)
  66. There (to be) some coffee brewing alongside the tea.(5)
  67. There (to be) another implication here too.(5)
  68. There (to be) no metal detectors outside.(5)
  69. There (to be) a chance to help him.(5)
  70. There (to be) Priory members in the shadows looking after her.(5)
  71. There (to be) some other explanation.(5)
  72. There (to be) work to do.(5)
  73. There (to be) viable response.(5)
  74. There (to be) a lie there.(5)
  75. There (to be) a sickening crunch of glass within.(5)
  76. There (to be) an uncertainty about him.(5)
  77. There (to be) an intriguing symmetry in the idea.(5)
  78. There (to be) those waiting to move up and rebuild.(5)
  79. There (to be) many ways to see simple things.(5)
  80. There (to be) a sound of someone arriving in the doorway.(5)
  81. There (to be) only a few questions left.(5)
  82. There (to be) far better ways to relax.(5)
  83. There (to be) close correlation between true believers and high body counts.(5)
  84. There (to be) evidence of their existence.(5)
  85. There (to be) a single force moving within all of us.(5)
  86. There (to be), however, one more thing deserving knowing.(5)
  87. There (to be) an investigation of CERN.(5)
  88. There (to be) some closets in that stairwell.(5)
  89. There (to be) another far more unsettling matter at hand.(5)
  90. There (to be) only one type of matter.(5)
  91. There (to be) mirror in the passage to admire his disguise.(5)
  92. There (to be) a cosmic symmetry at the subatomic level.(5)
  93. There (to be) enormous technological barriers to actually storing(5)
  94. There (to be) some way to separate the particles.(5)
  95. There (to be) a rather majestic eloquence to it – antimatter.(5)
  96. There (to be) logic somewhere in Kohler’s argument.(5)
  97. There (to be) a loud clank of heavy keys on the other side of the door.(5)
  98. There (to be) a bomb counting down somewhere.(5)
  99. There (to be) only one other way to get the director’s attention.(5)
  100. There (to be) an aura of composure about her – an almost magnetic radiance of wholeness.(5)
  101. There (to be) a bewitching clarity in her eyes.(5)
  102. There (to be) some time for a museum visit this trip.(5)
  103. There (to be) a huge crate of stone penises someplace.(5)
  104. There (to be) only one relevant fact at this moment.(5)
  105. There (to be) some substance on earth powerful enough to do that.(5)
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